Just a Theory

I have a theory. A theory about God, the world’s religions, fanaticism, and ignorant bigotry. It’s a very simple theory, but it could be an answer to what the “right” religion is. Even if you consider yourself an atheist, you mind find this post to be a pleasant article to ruminate about. However, all must keep in mind that this post is not research based, it is subject to possible fallacies, and most of all, is subjective. I welcome any response, good or bad, to be contributed to this article. The only caveat is that the comment must be thought provoking or empirically based, with full consideration of any opinion that is provided by this post, or by another comment. Primarily, refrain from bashing the article without fully considering the given theories. No fanaticism or bigotry here! I digress…

Grasp for a moment, that there are thousands of belief systems in effect today, a few major ones. Most of which claim to be the one true religion, the one with direct intervention and indoctrination from God. Onward, the first item on the agenda I would like to tackle are peoples’ notions that their religion is somehow the correct one. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, many hold a very fanatic view of their religion, as well as harbor horribly condemning opinions of others’ religions without just consideration. I believe that one must always question their belief system, or at least consider using logic when considering their personal beliefs. As human beings we were bestowed(Some believe) with the ability to conduct higher level thinking. With this in mind, we should use it in all facets of our life, including our spirituality. Often, people neglect using logic with their religion because they believe that religion cannot be understood with mere man’s logic. This is simply, idiotic. That is literally giving a reason to not think of why you follow doctrine. You are then excusing religion of any form of intellectual discourse or questioning. Religion immediately becomes something nonintellectual, ambiguous, and inexplicable. Religion should be subject to discourse as any other topic is, it should most certainly not be excluded. Once this has been attained, fanaticism, bigotry, and ignorance will slowly dissipate in the world’s religions. People will think of why they truly believe in their religion and not another’s. It will also provide a better understanding of others’ cultures and could provide a much more culturally understanding and welcoming civilization.

Now that we have that major roadblock out of the air, we can continue onto my theory of religion. Consider this…Many major religions were instilled a long time ago, way before there was real contact between nations. With the notion in mind that a God would want to reach out to it’s(presumably God would be above any gender specification) creation, why would it reach out to only a select few? Take Christianity for example, in this belief system, salvation through God is the only way to reach heaven(eternal bliss) after mortal death. Why would this loving God(as described in the bible) only reach out to one small percentage of the earth and leave the rest to perish? Remember, that at the advent of Christianity, most of Europe, the Middle-East, and East-Asia, were fairly removed from each others’ society. So this would make the dissipation of any religion very unlikely. To augment this, there are innumerable similarities between varying religions. Most of which is the doctrine of moralities present in essentially all major religions. Do not kill another human being, do not steal, do not lie, make spiritual practice a priority, etcetera. How is it then, that many nations, across the globe, simultaneously cultivated a religion that has remarkable similarities? I would consider this much more than simply a coincidence.

What if, perhaps, that many religions are reaching out and worshiping the same God. That the same God has made his presence known to many cultures of the world, and not just one. However, with the varying societies, the different cultures have created a slightly different perspective of God than their peers. For instance, if I launched a rocket into outer space a thousand years ago in both rural Africa and urban Europe, they would both have a remarkably different description of the same situation. This would account for the astonishingly similar teachings of several religions in very isolated parts of the world, as well as the stark differences between them.

A very simple theory, as was said. If this could perhaps be true, the world and it’s many wars on religion could be nothing more than vain hatred. A battle for their perspective of the same God. Even more enlightening, could be the possibility, that if this were true, then many of us would have an entire world of philosophies and ideologies now available for our indulgence. A world, at first glance, wrong and immoral, could now be seen as a vast expanse of wisdom, ethics, and enlightenment. There is a famous Hindu teaching, (I have unfortunately forgotten it’s owner, so if you know it’s home, please come forth)

       There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter which path you take.  The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain,
telling everyone else that their path is wrong.


2 thoughts on “Just a Theory

  1. It’s the Unitarian thesis. The real issues are your requiring monotheism to make it and assuming base level compatibilities that philosophically, ethically, etc. I’d say don’t exist. Most religions clash on a thesis / antithesis level.

    Also, most exclusivist of their religions already posses this ideal in some form. Like everyone knew the right God but turned away, pantheism, etc. So it’s not a radical notion in itself enough to change most minds.

    And if we insist on empiricism, most religions have an experiential component they point to. I’m not really sure the best empirical answer is “admit all.” More often than not, it’s fight over the evidence!

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  2. Perhaps, though, The Pascal Wager states that God is infinitely incomprehensible. Therefore, I would submit that there isn’t one religion that “knows” God. By the way, great ending.

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