Hello y’all (About me)

Hello everyone, I’m Colton, a Californian native, and welcome to my blog! A little bit about what I like to write about and read…I’m an avid hiker and lover of the environment. I love reading up on  interesting sociological affairs, for example, one of my favorite books is Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. I am a HUGE astronomy nerd, however I don’t post on the matter because I normally prefer to leave it up to the scientists.
As far as my views: I’m a hardcore tree-hugger who hates fossil fuels and pollution, but I like to always have multiple perspectives of topics. For instance, I see the utility in nuclear power, however, I count the days until we render it obsolete.
I’m a devout rationalist and hold great disdain for anyone who does not use reason during contemplation or the scientific method when observing various phenomena. Without reason and rationality, we are ignorant.
I consider myself a pluralist, I believe that there is great truth to be found in many religions. I also do believe in a God, but not necessarily a Christian God, or Hindu God for that matter. I simply believe that there could very well be a higher power we cannot see, but has influence.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I look forward to spicing up your day with fun stories and interesting observations! Cheers!

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