This I believe “Sanctuary”

I believe in the gym. I believe that there is a place which one can escape from the struggle and stress of daily life.

Growing up as a small boy I was bullied. Being the smaller kid gave others all the reason they needed to torment me. I didn’t have any hobbies, didn’t have many friends, but what I did have was the gym. I had found something that brought me peace. The weights never teased me, they never threw rocks at me, they built who I am. The gym was my home. A venue for comfort and relief. It was a place that I could be whatever I wanted to be, without judgement. It was something I could control, I could create whatever I wanted. It was so liberating.

I believe the gym is much more than just a recreational facility. It is a place that exudes hard work and freedom of expression. It doesn’t lie to you, no matter the situation it gives it to you straight. When work is unbearable, the gym is there. When a loved one passes, the gym is there. When no one else is around, the gym is still there. I believe that the gym is a sanctuary for the broken hearted, the angry, the sad, the lonely, the depressed, and the fearful. I believe that the gym has healing powers, you never feel the same after a workout as you do before. You’re always one step closer to where you want to be and one step further from where you started. The gym has the ability to save lives as well as create new ones, this I believe.


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